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On-Campus Academic Advising Centers

Your journey as an undergraduate is unique to you—be sure to know all that is available to you and take full advantage along the way. Talk to your advisors about resources, get to know your professors and TA’s, and take full advantage of programming and community. The connections you make with peers, advisors, faculty and alumni will help guide you along the path you make.

College of Arts and Sciences

A caring community and a wide range of support contribute to making your College experience one that allows for academic and personal growth.

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Wharton School

Wharton’s academic advising program offers undergraduates professional academic advisors and departmental faculty advisors. Additional support is provided by cohort mentors and directors who serve as peer advisors to incoming freshmen.

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School of Nursing

At Penn Nursing, students at every level are afforded an exceptional Ivy League education, and are taught by the top nurse researchers in the country.

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School of Engineering and Applied Science

The Penn Engineering undergraduate advising system is designed to support and guide you while making these important choices.

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Penn Academic Calendar

The University of Pennsylvania publishes the university-wide calendar every year for the upcoming 3 years. If you are looking for move-in dates, holidays, or other important dates of note, this is your go-to guide.


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