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Penn’s Pipeline Programs encompass those that are designed at all levels of education for groups underrepresented in U.S. higher education baccalaureate, graduate, and professional programs, disciplines, and industries. These programs aim to recruit, enroll, retain, and support students to thrive—academically, socially, and emotionally—in their chosen ambitions, fields and careers.

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K-12 Programs

From Kindergarten to upper level high school, the University of Pennsylvania offers engaging, hands-on learning experiences to help students find what they’re passionate about.

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Undergraduate Programs

Classes taught by leading Penn faculty and successful entrepreneurs offer motivated, dedicated students hands-on learning experiences.

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Graduate Programs

Undergraduates interested in pursuing a graduate degree or PhD have the opportunity to work under the guidance of faculty or research mentors in their field of study to better prepare them for their higher education journey.

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Professional Programs

Penn offers tailored programming to help students build experience and knowledge to successfully launch their professional careers.

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